MATATUS is an experimental music project created in 2011 by Marc Merinee. Their sound is a combination of  industrial sounds with ritual electronic rhythms and noise. Matatus means in ancient Iberian language "Punishment".


2011 - Merinee Marc decides to experiment with other sounds and styles very different from their other projects like Eldar (Dark Industrial) or Asbaar (Dark Ambient). The result is 10 Ritual Industrial Noise songs based on poems by Eduard Alexander. These 10 songs come to light in two editions, the first is a mini album called "At The Sacring Of The Sun" edited by Ronf Records on Pro Mini-CD packaged in black mini dvd case. The second installment appears in Split with Lahzarus called "Fais Ce Que Tu Voudras" edited by Fungus Cerebri in 100% DIY C60. Also involved in the compilation "Saturación de Mecanismos" Cd edited by Buh Records.


2012 - Matatus concert debut in Madrid with Scumearth and Gur Bruo and began working on a new album.


2013 - Early in the new year, in February, edit Matatus on Truco Esparrago Label a new album called "Psychedelic Apocalypse" with 10 songs based on the character and personality of 10 demons in CdPro in square Dvd box.


2014 - Earlier this year two multifaceted artists like MATATUS & GRASSA DATO have joined forces to create a unique album. Each of them has created a long track showing us their dark vision, destructive and chaotic from the underworld materials, opening a door into the unknown, the hidden, voices and industrial sounds that reach us from the other side of the door, under electronic dialogue analog / digital. Dense soundscapes, experimental intense enveloping, penetrating and disturbing sounds take us into a strange world.